Friday, August 28, 2009


2 1/2 hours read
P. 1-106

I started this book because this book was recommended to me according to my taste. I really enjoy it and I recommend this book to everyone!

This is a fantasy book. I like books that has magic and adventure in them. This is one of those books! It starts out as a boy that has a regular life that suddenly gets his whole life switched around. Throughout the book, he writes to his friend using a magic portal. That's the only way his friend and his other friend know what's going on to him. Each chapter keeps on alternating between those 2 situations. The boy is having adventures, while his friends are trying to find out what they can do to try to save them.

I say, if you like to fantasy books, this book is the one to read!
The author let's the scene go back and forth, each having it's own adventures and I predict that the two stories will connect and unite together.

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