Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pendragon Summary of Book One: The Merchant of Death

5 hours
Book One p. 101-392 Book Two p. 1-80

This series is about travelers who go around to different territories and different worlds to help the people that live there from a terrible crisis that's about to happen or is already happening. Every place has a traveler and Bobby Pendragon is the traveler from Second Earth. He goes through different territories to save the people from destruction.

Book One: The Merchant of Death
Bobby Pendragon goes to Denduron, a place where it goes back a long time and they don't have very much tecnology, to help the Milago people defeat the Bedoowan people, who has been enslaving the Milago people for generations. The Milago people decide to fight for their freedom. But the Bedoowan people was strong in numbers and they were especially trained to be able to fight. So the Milago people decide to win this war by using these explosive powder called tak. It can be formed into a ball and with small impact, it will explode. The Milago found this place when they mined it from underground. They came up with the plan that they hope they could use to blow up all of the Bedoowan people. They filled up a cart full of tak and planned to blow the whole stadium up where the people gathered. But Uncle Press (bobby's close friend) and Bobby find a way to stop this and it works. But the people of Milago still wants to fight and the war becomes a hand to hand combat between the two people. Meanwhile, Bobby and Loor (another traveler) comes face to face with Saint Dane (bad guy who wants everything to fall into his hands) and they end up blowing up all of the tak mine and that ends the war. The two tribes need to work together to survive and everything turns out to be great.
I will talk about the next book on my next blog.

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