Sunday, September 20, 2009


4 hours
p. 1-300

This is about a boy who happened to become involved with one of the biggest crisis there ever was. Eragon lives with his Uncle Garrow and his cousin Roran. He hunts for his family. While he was hunting in the spine, a blue stone appeared in front of him, in some form of magic. He later finds out that the blue stone was a dragon egg and he secretly raises him until the Ra'zac comes to get the egg. The Ra'zacs destroy his home and kills Uncle Garrow. There's only one thing he wants to do in his life now and that is to get revenge on his Uncle. So he sets off to his journey and Brom, the storyteller, knows lots about this magic and dragon things and he assists Eragon on his journey. Brom teaches Eragon about magic and swordfighting. After arriving to the city Teirm, they get attacked and a man named Murtagh comes to save them. But Brom got severely hurt and he ends up dying but before he dies, he tells Eragon that he was a dragon rider and his dragon's name was Saphira. After this event, Eragon and Murtagh travel to the city of Gil'ead to find the Varden, a group of rebels that wants to overthrow King Galbatorix. Eragon gets captured and thrown in prison with the elf he has been dreaming about. With the help of Murtagh and Saphira, Eragon and the elf was able to escape.

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