Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pendragon Summary of Book Two: The Lost City Of Farr

4 Hours

Book One: The Lost City Of Farr
This takes place at a territory called Cloral, where there isn't a single piece of dryland on the planet. All the technologies there have something to do with water. They have really advanced technologies and they can do many things with water. They have air-globes, water sleds, skimmers, and other things! This place didn't seem to have anything wrong with it, except for the fact that Sanit Dane was here. Then you know that something is going to happen. When two habitats were going to exchange for some foods, chaos started. They found out that all the underwater farms has been poisoned. Now there weren't any good food anywhere. There was a legend of a city underwater that helped everyone above the water. They were the only ones that could save the people of Cloral. But Saint Dane found the location of this place and he went to destroy it. Bobby and Uncle Press and Spader (traveler of Cloral) go to save this place. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't save it. But the aquaneers from all over Cloral came and attacked Saint Dane. He was then stopped but he got away. The people of Farr could now go and save the whole planet.

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